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The Casa Loma Volunteer Fire Association (CLVFA) was established in 1980 as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing first-strike fire, medical and other emergency services.


CLVFA provides response to isolated areas of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Santa Clara County, CA including Casa Loma, Loma Chiquita and Twin Falls roads. Our volunteers can respond in a matter of minutes, where professional emergency agencies may take an hour or more to arrive.


We work closely with CAL FIRE and other agencies to train our volunteers to federal standards and work with the community on preventative measures.


CLVFA brings our family and friends together through the common interest of protecting our homes and loved ones.


Knowing is half the battle.


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Volunteer At CLVFA

CLVFA is an all-volunteer group in the southern Santa Cruz mountains in a rural area. The travel time to our fire stations is approximately one hour from south San Jose or Los Gatos.

Population density in our area is LOW. Our volume of calls is LOW. We typically train once per month. We’re a low-incidence, high-impact responder organization.What this means for you is that if you’re looking to gain experience that will help you prepare for work in a full time firefighting organization, this is not the group for you. However, if you love the Santa Cruz Mountains, live/work in the South Bay Area or Santa Cruz, and want to help your community, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Some activities that our organization needs help with are:

  • Firefighters

    We need to increase the number and quality of responders. We are a wildland and medical response organization only. Our main objective is to render medical assistance until EMS can arrive, and to fight wildfires in brush and mountainous terrain.

  • croy fire

    Engine and Station Operations / Maintenance

    Like to run a station and do Fire Engine upkeep? Great! We currently have 4 engines and 2 fire stations to maintain. The engines need to be exercised regularly and repaired if necessary. Stations need to be organized and inventoried.

  • Organization management

    We’re looking for leaders as well. If you or someone you know in our vicinity is experienced in or interested in command, training, outreach, or computers & radio communications, we have many projects that may interest you.

  • Benefactors

    We greatly appreciate our sponsors and supporters who donate food, services, money, equipment, and time to help keep our organization running!

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Contact Us

PO Box 601, Redwood Estates, CA 95044
Phone: (408) 909-3473
Email: info@casalomafire.org